Design Guide for $5 Milk

The gist

Meant to evoke print media- magazines, newspapers, and posters. As a luxury good, design over ease of navigation in all but delivery of actual written content. Not here to hack algorithms for max use engagement at the expense of user experience. Accessibility non-negotiable. WCAG 2, at the very least.


Use serif for long form legibility, but use any font at all for design-forward above-fold content. Format: fontFamilyName - randomstring
These are all already @font-face in the companion css module for this route.

Ostrich Sans .woff

OSBlack - rnfgdfg

OSIR - adfg ae

OSLight - aerge

OSRounded - aerwgaf

OSReg - aeswfdgfd

OSBold - aesdfge

OSDashed - grergv

OSII - aerg4er

Marc .otf

MarcB - rndfg

MarcBI - dryir

MarcI - zxdfbv

MarcL - y90;o

MarcLI - 436s8

MarcReg - kolf

League Gothic .woff2

LGC - rnfgdfg

LGCI - zxdfb

LGI - y90;o

LGReg - k,bghjty

Gensco .otf

Gensco - aeiou

Gensco15 - aeiou

Gensco45 - aeiou

Gensco70 - aeiou

Gensco99 - aeiou




right now, just using google icons and an accidental hollow hand-drawn style per logo